1.3.6 -Fix issue: Exception happens when user type in "key1 key2" then click space. -upgrade all jar files to latest version. Fix the problem : Under linux exception thrown when xulrunner 1.9.X installed. 1.3.5 -Fix issue: Add mode and edit mode are mixed up sometimes. -Refactor category search algarithm -When delete item, prompt item title in confirmation dialog. -Create swtbot test cases (Due to the sensitivity of testing data, test cases are not exposed.) -Implement import function, now user can import from a pkb backup file or another pkb dir -Refactor content process when rendering knowledge content -Seperate pkb configure into application level configure and PKB data level configure 1.3.0 -Adjust tab folder drag/drop action. -Implement pkb://file syntax -Add tootip for each configuration in preference dialog -Retain window size/position and sash split position after close -Allow user configure application title -Refactor category implementation. -Fix bug: type one word in search box, then insert a space in the middle, a NPE thrown -Optimize event process flow for all events 1.2.5 -If search return more than MAX_HITS (50 by default), show "... more" option at the end under list view. -Results will be first ordered by hit score then subject. -Under tree mode, search by category will return all the results. results will be first ordered by hitscore then subject asc. -You can drag/drop tab on left panel to change the order or close the category tab. Remove old configuration: "turn off category view"; -Allow inserting an image relative to PKB base resource directory dir: pkb://img/path (will be implement first) pkb base resource directory is configurable For details please check: http://pkb.sourceforge.net/advanced.html 1.2.0 -repackage commons-validator-1.3.1.jar and jakarta-oro-2.0.8.jar into pkb_util.jar -Fix bug: under linux when click URL link with TARGET="_BLANK", no new window opened. -When add/edit an item, keywords can be duplicated -Implement navigate back and forward -Improve performance for restore DB process 1.1.0 -Refactor java code for JDK 1.5 syntax. -Use jface TextView for knowledge content editor. -Implement internal link to another knowledge, the protocol is: pkb://knowledge/get?id=nnnn or res://pkb/knowledge/get?id=nnnn pkb://knowledge/get?subject=aaa or res://pkb/knowledge/get?subject=aaa pkb://knowledge/get?keywords=aaa or res://pkb/knowledge/get?keywords=aaa pkb://knowledge/get?key=aaa or res://pkb/knowledge/get?key=aaa Click the link will redirect to first matched knowledge. Under the edit mode of knowledge content, by right-click popup menu, user can access the "Insert PKB link" dialog. 1.0.1 - auto-complete search keywords support mutiple token. - apply patch: linux startup script patch for version 1.0.0 ID: 2785034 (http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=181743&atid=898425). - Fix error and format in linux startup script. - Fix bug: When creating knowledge item, user leaves subject textbox. the keywords text is not correctly prepopulated 1.0.0 - auto-complete search keywords. - add support to JRE64. 0.9.7 - When press enter key in search box, auto change to view mode and show the first matched item, left panel will switch to list view. - Identify the following content as HTML: (optional) (optional) ... - upgrade to lucene 2.4.0. - change system tray icon to 16X16. - fix bug: if category name is unicode character other than cp1251, search failure. - Category stored in URL UTF-8 encoded format. - fix bug: category view cannot filter subgroup properly: for instance, create item with keywords "aaa bbb", then create category "aaa", under "aaa" create "ccc" . click "aaa" should show the item. - Fix bug: restore does not create sub directory correctly, user has to have the directory . structure ready in order to restore. - Fix bug: after restore, search does not return results. This is caused by upgrading of lucene. To fix the problem: rebuild index each time user restore from a backup. - detect index format before starting of the application, prompt user to rebuild index if needed. - provide "rebuild search index" function in the menu. 0.9.6 - add configure option: no-wrap when view/edit item. - fix bug: when hide content view, the tab is not hidden and the application cannot restart due to NPE. - refactor preference dialog. - user can select fonts, that font will also be used to the browser, this will allow user to choose monospace font . - dynamically change edit text style. - upgrade to derby - upgrade to swt 3.4 . - test under linux X86_64. - Fix "line not wrap" in content window. 0.9.5 - Refactor code. - Use mono-space fonts to show content. 0.9.4 - Include swt-3.3.2-gtk-linux-86.jar into package, test PKB under linux. - [ 1968699 ] Change Startup View (https://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1968699&group_id=181743&atid=898426) startup view change to "list all items" - Add unit test cases. - Imporve highlight search keywords in html documents. - Allow partial search and highlight using wildcast '*' and '?' 0.9.3 - Fix several interface bugs; - Optimize code; - When click search button, if no keywords given, all the items will be listed. (Before the list is chunked to 50); - Upgrade old version of database to use blob when content is more than 32K. - Upgrade library: swt-3.3.2, launch4j 3.0.0 . - Add documetation under menu help->contents.