ALEX Personal Knowledge Base FAQ

1.How to embed image?
2.How to "attach" a document?

1.How to embed image?
You can create a knowledge item as HTML content then embed image using html IMG tag.
Note: If you use absolute path pointing to an image on your disk, when you perform a backup the image will not be included. To solve the problem, please use PKB Link to reference an image.

If your knowledge content is plain text, please use the following syntax to embed an image:
pkb://img/relative-image-path or res://pkb/img/relative-image-path
Please check the following link for detail: PKB Link

2.How to "attach" a document?
You can embed a file like an image. See Faq 1.
In the upcoming release 2.0, you can create a "document" type knowledge. The content of the document is indexed so when you perform a search, you can search through the content of the document.